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Descending Pitch Sub Bass in Harmor

This is a simple tutorial on how to make a Descending Pitch Sub Bass (or Drop Bass).  The inspiration comes from an old tool that many producers used back in the day called Stomper that was great for designing all

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Creating Sweeps and Risers in Harmor

Creating tension in transitions and breakdowns usually involves a sound that increases in volume and intensity as it nears the next phrase (usually an 8 or 4 bar segment where the music changes).  These sounds are commonly referred to as

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FL Studio 11 Patcher – Using Fruity Formula Controller and Fruity Send Creatively

FL Studio has definitely upgraded the Patcher Plugin for version 11 with the Control Surface and Mapping GUI.  The Control Surface let’s you create your own controls for all of the plug-ins housed inside of Patcher, including the ability to

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Using Harmor VST to Create Signature Sounds Using the Time Envelope

Harmor VST is a very distinctive Synth/Sampler that allows you to make some pretty wild sounds, and breath new life into old samples.  I have barely begun to tap into the possibilities with this plug-in, but the following tutorial will

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