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FL Studio 11 Patcher – Using Fruity Formula Controller and Fruity Send Creatively

FL Studio has definitely upgraded the Patcher Plugin for version 11 with the Control Surface and Mapping GUI.  The Control Surface let’s you create your own controls for all of the plug-ins housed inside of Patcher, including the ability to

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FL Studio Performance Mode DJ Template for Launchpad v1.01

I’ve made a few tweaks for the better in the FL Studio 11 DJ Performance Template for the Launchpad.  See the blog entry on v1.0 for the core features of the Template. Deleted the Audio Tracks from the Template I

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FL Studio 11 Patcher DJ Performance Presets

In an attempt to improve the Effects GUI and signal routing for the DJ Performance templates for the Launchpad and APC40, I delved into the new Patcher plugin in FL Studio 11.  It has some really cool custom knob and

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