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Descending Pitch Sub Bass in Harmor

This is a simple tutorial on how to make a Descending Pitch Sub Bass (or Drop Bass).  The inspiration comes from an old tool that many producers used back in the day called Stomper that was great for designing all

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Creating Sweeps and Risers in Harmor

Creating tension in transitions and breakdowns usually involves a sound that increases in volume and intensity as it nears the next phrase (usually an 8 or 4 bar segment where the music changes).  These sounds are commonly referred to as

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Massive Tutorial – Creating a Preset Using the Stepper to Control LFO Rate

There are a lot of videos on how to create sounds in Massive, but one technique that I have not come across is how you can use the Stepper to control the LFO rate in the assignable envelopes.  Also, not

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