A collection of contributions from electronic music artists, DJs, and other artists and writers.  Freak Solid provides in depth tutorials, templates, presets, hardware scripts, and much more for Digital Audio Workstations and related hardware.

The main contributor to Freak Solid, Ayj, has been involved in electronic music for nearly 20 years as a DJ and Producer focusing on Breaks, DnB, and Trip Hop.

If you want to be a contributor to the blog, please let me know in the comments section.

3 comments on “About
  1. Ant says:

    Hey man, this is great stuff. I was wondering if you know about any scripts for the Akai MPD 18. I’ve seen videos where some dudes have there MPD 18 set up with flstudio so it will live loop and over dub. But I can’t seem to find any information out there. Any ideas?

    • ayjent says:

      The MPD 18 should already work as a MIDI controller – do you want to control transport controls (play, record, etc.) or other functions with the script? I’d use the MPD with FPC predominantly, which is how I use my trigger finger, but I don’t make custom scripts for it I just make dedicated to only the FPC plugin.

  2. redza says:

    hello, i see that you have a script for the apc 40 but not the mk2. are you gonna be coming out with one as well? or do you have a how to section around here?

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