Descending Pitch Sub Bass in Harmor

This is a simple tutorial on how to make a Descending Pitch Sub Bass (or Drop Bass).  The inspiration comes from an old tool that many producers used back in the day called Stomper that was great for designing all kinds of sounds, but particularly good for kicks and subs.  This tutorial provides what I believe to be an improvement on the Stomper tool and also demonstrates how to make creative use of the release portion of envelopes.


In Harmor, we need to start with a Sine wave in the Timbre section, and make sure the mix is all the way over to the Sine wave.


Next raise up the “Sub” to beef up the low end.


In the Filter Section, select Crude Low Pass if it is not your default and go to about 10 O’clock – this will take off a lot of the high end sound.


Right now you should have a pretty basic Sine wave sub.

Now on to affecting the behavior of the synth on the press and release of notes.  What we are going to do is create a sub bass that will descend in pitch on release of the note, but will keep a constant pitch while note ON information is sent into Harmor.

Turn on the Legato so that the drop doesn’t occur if you slide into the next note.


Now choose the Pitch Envelope to create the envelope for the drop on release (NOTE: this envelope was loaded from the menu option “Open State File” and selecting “Default ADSR” from the file browser).  Activate the ADSR knobs and emulate the positions I have.  This envelope will not make the drop on its own, because we need the volume envelope to activatedit (see the next instruction).  The shape of the curve following the “S” will dictate the sound of the pitch drop and you can get creative with this.


The Volume Envelope is the last necessary step to getting the pitch drop sound to actually work on release.  Make sure to active the ADSR knobs and emulate the settings as I have them.


Now test it and see how it sounds – it should give you the drop on release.

I would suggest also putting an envelope on the Filter 1 to cancel out some of the clicking that may occur on the drop.



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