Optimizing the Alesis VI 25 with FL Studio 12

The Alesis VI 25 is a nice controller with plenty of knobs and a 16 velocity sensitive pads.  Getting it to work out of the box with FL Studio is easy enough, but getting the transport controls to work takes some editing in the Alesis VI25 Editor and manipulation in the MIDI Settings in FL Studio.

Here is a quick video to show you how to set it up.

Videos aren’t necessarily the best place to try to keep numbers straight so here are all of the CCs for the Transport Controls:

Rew CC: 114
FF CC: 115
Stop CC: 116
Play CC: 117
Loop CC: 113 (toggles between song and pattern mode)]
Rec CC: 118

VI-25 Edit 01 VI-25 Edit 02

Make sure you use a powered USB hub or a direct USB connection to your computer, or else you may recieve an error message that will prevent the preset from being loaded on to the hardware.

In FL Studio you need to go to “Options” -> “MIDI” and then select “VI25” and then under Input find VI25 and switch from “generic controller” to “M-Audio Oxygen 25” and make sure enable is green lighted.  The transport controls should be working.

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One comment on “Optimizing the Alesis VI 25 with FL Studio 12
  1. Thank you for the tutorial. It is working properly with FL Studio.. It would be grateful if you could provide some more tutorial regarding knobs and switches..

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