Preparing FL Studio 12 for Recording: Part 1 – Audio Recording

In order to limit the frustrations of the sometimes baffling playlist recording in FL Studio 12, there are some techniques to keep your recordings organized to a degree.  The techniques vary based on whether you are recording Audio, Automation, or Score (MIDI Notes).

Audio Recording

The playlist audio recording in FL Studio has been, and still remains, an odd experience where the audio file shows up in the topmost playlist lane that is empty for the length of the recording (note: that the audio recording will only be as long as the selected playlist area length, and if you continue to record in a loop it will create numerous recordings that could contain a bit of a hiccup at the beginning of the loop).  Those are the known issues, so we must create a recording environment on the playlist that accounts for those nuances.

The first thing is to create at least a couple of empty playlist lanes at the top – you can name or color code them if you like.  If you are starting from scratch and want to create a template, these lanes should already be empty; however, if you are working with a project with sequencing already in it, or a template with empty patterns already plotted out, you will want to right click on the Playlist Track indicator (the leftmost column) on the topmost track, and select “Insert One” (do this as many times as you want for the number of audio recording tracks you think you’ll need).

Audio Playlist Recording Setup 01

Audio Playlist Recording Setup 02

Next you’ll need to make sure that you have the mixer channel(s) that you want to record the audio for set up properly for recording.

FLS - Audio Recording Tut - 05

I would suggest recording vocals dry (with no effects in the mixer channel).

FLS - Audio Recording Tut - 04

You can route the mixer channel output to effects in a different mixer channel if you want to hear the effects while recording, but want the audio recording dry.  In the mixer channel that you want to route to, right click and select “Route to this track only”.

FLS - Audio Recording Tut - 03

A wire will show that the channel for recording is routed to the FX channel (below Channel 12 is the recording channel and Channel 13 is the FX channel that it is routed to).

FLS - Audio Recording Tut - 02

Select your desired FX (e.g., choose FX for Channel 13).  This allows you to keep the dry vocals and apply whatever effects you wish to the recording or while you are recording.

FLS - Audio Recording Tut - 01

Make sure that you have the recording of “Audio” active in the transport panel.

Audio Recording Transport

This should get you where you need to be to start recording audio from an external source.  One important thing to note: the 1st bar in some recording environments may have a hiccup or have a bit of time before it actually starts recording.  If you notice that this is the case – there are a couple of solutions.  One that Image Line suggests is to put a bar before where you want to record.  While this may be an effective solution – it doesn’t work so well when you want to keep the groove and record in a loop.  So if you experience this don’t record audio in a loop that will have that delay at the start each time – repeat the section you would loop record in for a couple of minutes and just put a lead in bar at the beginning.  The other solution is to record in a loop that has an entry bar.

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6 comments on “Preparing FL Studio 12 for Recording: Part 1 – Audio Recording
  1. Joel Caleb says:

    Hello I am running fl studio 12 the producer edition on my hp laptop and are recording songs and vocals for a cd I am looking to release in the next few days although I am really confused and messed about about what I think maybe a glitch in the software. For some reason wen I play songs that I’ve saved recorded my vocals blank out throughout the song maybe once or twice in weird spots. I kno all of my work and words are saved because it does not blank out my words/vocals in the same spot everytime during playback. I am really confused and dnt kno what to do as me and my boy who has mastered fl over the last few years have tried almost everything. Some one please let me kno if you have any ideaswhat the problem may be

  2. Jacob says:

    I feel like FL studio needs to take a page out of another DAW’s playbook when it comes to recording.

  3. Someone asking a question says:

    When I record, it still plays sound outside. why?

    • ayjent says:

      I need more details. For instance, are you recording into the playlist? From what source (from microphone, guitar)? What do you mean by “it plays sound outside”? Is the “it” the recording input or something else, and by outside do you mean on the speakers as you record?

      • Someone asking a question says:

        I was able to solve it in FL studio. I found out that I left the audio input source on. I turned it to none and the sound stopped. Thank you for your concern

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