FL Studio 11 – Using Patcher to Create a Custom Interface for Harmor

Image Line’s Harmor plug-in is a powerful, but complex virtual instrument that I am still attempting to figure out.  It is not as intuitive as more popular virtual instruments like Native Instrument’s Massive, but there is no question that it’s capabilities far exceed those of Massive and other similar synths.  The following tutorial will demonstrate how you can create a custom interface in FL Studio 11 using Patcher to have more intuitive control over Harmor.

Creating 8 Macro Controls

One of my favorite features of Massive is the 8 Macro Controls on the bottom right.  So I’m going to emulate those Macro Controls using Patcher, but not assign them to any particular function at this point, they are for assigning to different controls depending on the Harmor preset.  In order to get the same control over the range and direction of these Macros (like in Massive),  Fruity Formula Controller will be used to control the range of values on whatever parameters in Harmor you want to control (and there are tons of them).

The first step is to set up the Macro knobs on the Surface Control of Patcher by clicking the “E” button, and right clicking to add 8 knobs (using whatever style and size you like).  The result should look something like this.


Connecting the Macros to Parameters and Using Fruity Formula Controller

Now click on the “Map” tab to add Harmor to the Patcher preset (right click -> “Add plugin” -> Harmor).  Now go to the “Editor” tab and in Harmor, select a preset that you want to be able to tweak with your Macro control (right click anywhere on the two arrows on the right of the top bar for the plugin to browse the presets).  Once the preset is loaded, play around with the controls to see which one(s) you want to control with the first Macro knob.  Once you decide which controls in Harmor you want to tweak, right click and select “Activate”.   Now going back to the “Map” tab you will see a red dot for each control you activated (the Hint bar in the top of FL Studio will indicate what control (parameter) the red dot represents).

You could simply connect the Macro directly to the control in Harmor to have a full range of control over the parameter.  However, to get that fine control and directional control like you have in Massive, you can place an instance of Fruity Formula Controller between the path from the Surface Control and Harmor corresponding to Macro knob 1 and the activated parameter.


Go to the “Editors” tab and go to the Fruity Formula Controller and enter the following formula: a+c*(b-a), then hit Compile.  You’ll want to save this as a preset in Fruity Formula Controller (or you can download here).


Corresponding this setup to Massive, the “c” knob in Fruity Formula Controller is the equivalent to the Macro Knob in Massive.  Think of the “a” knob as the current position knob in Massive, and the “b” knob as the semi-circle that defines the range.


Continue to do this for all the parameters you want to control and now you have your own set of Macros for Harmor that have that Massive-like control.  You can even add more or less if you like.

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One comment on “FL Studio 11 – Using Patcher to Create a Custom Interface for Harmor
  1. Pat says:

    Thanks, this tutorial is very useful !!

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