FL Studio Performance Mode DJ Template for Launchpad v1.01

I’ve made a few tweaks for the better in the FL Studio 11 DJ Performance Template for the Launchpad.  See the blog entry on v1.0 for the core features of the Template.

Deleted the Audio Tracks from the Template

I deleted the audio tracks that I did not include with the template so that the template no longer starts by searching your computer for them.

Mixer Cues for Each Channel to Send Audio to Different Source (for Cueing)

The video above demonstrates how the Mixer is routed from the Audio tracks to both a Cue and a Cross-fader Send  for each Deck.  It also shows where to set your Cue output source(s).  This Mixer set up is already part of the template, so nothing needs to be done with the Mixer other than setting your Cue Output source if you want.

Cross-Fader on Launchpad Automatically Controls Which Cue is Active (Inverse of Main Audio)

The Cue Mixer track faders are inversely related to the position of the Cross-fader so that the Cue audio source doesn’t require separate control.  Thus, the included Launchpad script for this template will automatically control the active cue with the Cross-fader Level on the bottom row.


Deck Channel Effects – Template Version 1.01a and 1.01b

I’ve kept the original deck Channel Effects in the Mixer Effects except changing the Love Philter setting for a better filter sound in Version 1.01a – this is less resource intensive for your CPU.

Version 1.01b includes 2 patcher presets for each deck Channel that allows the effects to be chained or unchained and provides a nice GUI.


However, v1.01b is resource intensive if you are running a slower computer.

Both versions are available in one zip file for download here.

The zip file includes:

  • v1.01a and v1.01b .flp files
  • Launchpad DJ Performance and Gross Beat x2 Hardware Scripts
  • Gross Beat Preset
  • Patcher Presets for EQ and Effects for each Deck
  • Mixer Preset for Cues and Cross-fader

Installation Instructions

  1. Save Launchpad Scripts to “…\FL Studio 11\System\Hardware specific\Novation Launchpad” folder and rename tp Page#.scr (e.g., Page 12.scr and Page13.scr)
  2. Close FL Studion 11 and then Open FL Studio again so that it loads up Launchpad Scripts for use in FL Studio (Check to see if the appear by cycling through the Launchpad pages)
  3. Open Ayj_DJ_Perform_Launchpad_v1.01a.flp or Ayj_DJ_Perform_Launchpad_v1.01b.flp
  4. Load and stretch your full length Tracks
  5. Assign Tracks in each Deck to Mixer Channel (Deck 1 Tracks should all be assigned to the Deck 1 Mixer Channel; Deck 2 Tracks should all be assigned to the Deck 2 Mixer Channel).
  • Optional: Save Patcher Presets, Gross Beat Preset, and Mixer Preset to appropriate file Locations


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