Launchpad Script for Two Instances of Gross Beat for FL Studio 11

I’m in the process of developing a performance mode template that works like a DJ set in FL Studio, and one of the elements that I am incorporating is two instances of Gross Beat to allow for the ability to mix different genres of music.  The ability to custom script a Launchpad setting for both instances of Gross Beat on a single display in FL Studio makes it a really useful DJ tool.  Basically, I’m setting up the Gross Beat instances to correspond to two mixer channels that represent the dedicated channels for the full length tracks of a DJ Set.   However, this script can be used for more than that (really any set up where you want to use 2 instances of  Gross Beat’s first 16 time slots and first 16 volume slots).


Download the script – remember to rename the file to Page#.scr (e.g., Page12.scr) in order to have FL Studio 11 recognize it.

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15 comments on “Launchpad Script for Two Instances of Gross Beat for FL Studio 11
  1. Tristan Mendoza says:

    I’m so excited!! I’d love to be able to actually dj with FL! I would love to use FL for my gigs but I just can’t do a set like I can in ableton with it’s performance function
    You gotta let me know when your template is complete! Ill even do some testing for you if you’d like, feel free to email me 🙂

    • ayjent says:

      I’m getting close to finishing up a template that uses both the APC40 (clip launching,EQ,and 4 effects per channel) and the Launchpad (Gross beat x2 and system commands). Once I finish that I’ll modify that template into 2 more templates – one for use with only the Launchpad,and one for use only with the APC40. Should be ready this weekend or next week.

      • Tristan Mendoza says:

        That would be sick 🙂 I have the launchpad but I kinda want the apc just because it has it bus powered?
        Keep me updated btw! 😉

      • ayjent says:

        The APC40 has its own power cord that is required to run. If you have both the APC40 and the Launchpad you can really keep your hands off the mouse a lot in production, and essentially without the mouse in performance. You can really dedicate one to doing the launching of clips (the APC40) and the other for things like Gross Beat

  2. Tristan Mendoza says:

    I’d love to not even touch the mouse during production 🙂 I wish FL had a dedicated controller like ableton push

    • ayjent says:

      They may eventually because I know Novation made a couple of FLaunchpads for Image-Line, but they were just relabeled launchpads. In any event, you can do almost everything with scripting on a Launchpad or APC40 and together you can dedicate one or both to certain functions. I’ll continue to update the blog with the scripts I develop.

      Any suggestions are welcome.

  3. Tristan Mendoza says:


  4. Tristan Mendoza says:

    nevermind i got the flp but what do i do with the scrips?

    • ayjent says:

      As for the scripts you’ll need to unzip the file and save the scripts to your computer wherever this file path exist – \FL Studio 11\System\Hardware Specific\Novation Launchpad\ folder. Rename the script files from the folder you unzipped to Page12.scr and Page13.scr (the folder should have up to Page11.scr already in the folder), and they will show up when you cycle through your launchpad next time you start FL Studio 11.

      • Tristan Mendoza says:

        it keeps asking me to run the file..?

      • ayjent says:

        Don’t attempt to open the .scr file, it is just a Hardware Script that has the same extension as a screen saver so your computer probably thinks its a screen saver file. Just rename each .scr (for example, rename the DJ_Performance.scr file Page12.scr) and put it in the folder. Close FL Studio and then reopen FL Studio. Then flip the pages of your launchpad and you will see the new scripts appear if you keep flipping (the Gross Beat x 2 will have four different squares of 16 buttons).

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