Using Gross Beat as an “On the Fly” Genre Changer: Part 3 of 3


The previous section provided detail on how to assign Gross Beat to a particular channel or channels in Ableton. Now we want to set up our tracks for utilizing our set-up so that we can switch between genres while performing.

Naming Conventions

Everyone has their own way to label/color their tracks in Ableton.  When I’m playing a set having tracks with different styles (House, Breaks, Dubstep) – I like to put an initial before the track name (e.g., “H” for House, “B” for Breaks, and “D” for Dubstep), but you could also color code them, or do nothing at all and use your memory.  The screenshot below shows the naming conventions I use.


Choose Tracks that Sound Best with Gross Beat Running

If you are using a set up that has Gross Beat on one non-master channel, then the tracks within that channel should be the ones that you want the genre changed on.  The rearrangement from one style to another is better on some tracks because the sounds are more natural sounding rearranged (e.g., some tracks with vocals or pads can sound a little too glitchy or choppy) – so test them out and choose which ones work best.

If you are running an instance of Gross Beat in every channel, then there is no need to worry about what channel to put your tracks in, but you may want to make note of whether Gross Beat works well on the track.

If you are running Gross Beat in the Master channel only, then you may want to make notes on when you want to apply your genre change-ups and to what tracks.  In my experience using this set-up, I like to activate Gross Beat when one track is playing and there is a period of inactivity in what I need to do before I mix in more elements/tracks.

Video Demo

Here is a short video demonstration of an Ableton set utilizing Gross Beat in one channel, switching between genres.

As you can see – Gross Beat definitely allows you flexibility in switching between styles.

Here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2 of this tutorial.

You can buy Gross Beat (VST for Windows) at the Image Line shop – present the code HDIBEGH491 and get 10% off (or follow this link to go directly to the Image Line shop with the code already applied).

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