Creating a Custom Launchpad Controller Page for FL Studio 11

I’ve been experimenting with the use of the APC40 and Launchpad in controlling the recently released FL Studio 11.  This new version of FL Studio has some preset scripts for the APC40 and Launchpad, and the ability to create your own.  I like to use the APC40 for launching clips having used it with Ableton for a while, so I keep the APC40 doing that same task in the “Performance Mode” of FL Studio 11.  However, I’m using the Launchpad to minimize my mouse activity in the program, and I really like it in terms of workflow.

The preset scripts are pretty useful, but in my experience with them I’m not real keen on continually flipping pages on the launchpad, nor am I that keen about the fader control on the Launchpad.  Also, the preset scripts don’t take advantage of all of the available system commands in an efficient manner.  The Image-Line forum has some decent reference on how to do the custom scripts, but I haven’t found much in the way of custom scripts that people are sharing on that forum, nor much discussion on the topic.  That is why I thought I’d provide an entry on how I created one, and why.

Custom Scripting of Launchpad Commands

In order to create a custom layout for the Launchpad in use with FL Studio, you need to locate the .scr files in your FL Studio directly associated with the Launchpad (the file path should be like this from the main program folder – …\FL Studio 11\System\Hardware specific\Launchpad\).  You can simply rename the Page#.scr files (where the # represents  a number), to reorder the scripts according to your preference and/or delete ones you don’t find useful.  Accordingly, you can create your own custom script and have it be the first page, the last page, or somewhere in between  based on your preferences.  You’ll need notepad or some other text editor (like Notepad++) to edit and create custom scripts.

The custom scripts consist of 6 values for each command line:

1. Pad Number to which you want to assign.

The 64 pads in the 8×8 portion of the device are programmable, as are the 8 circular buttons to the far right.  The pads are numbered as follows. Launchpad pad numbers

2. Destination Channel – the destination channel indicates what type of command is being sent (system = -1, note channel = 0-15, controller absolute = 16-31, controller relative = 32-47), and dictates what values are necessary and/or permitted with the following two parameters.

3. Command/Note/Controller – indicates the particular system command, particular note, or particular controller

4. Velocity/Controller Value – for system commands such as jog this value can be positive or negative, otherwise the value is 0;  for notes and controllers the value will range between 0-127.

5. Color Off – the color the pad displays when untouched.

6. Color On – The color the pad turns when pressed.

Here is a table of how the values relate to each other based on the type of behavior you wish to control with the Launchpad:Launchpad_Custom_Table

Here is the layout of how my custom script controls various system commands:


The script is available download here – make sure to rename the file to Page#.scr (e.g., Page13.scr), otherwise FL Studio will not recognize the script.  The word document with a blank template and table of system commands so that you may set up your own custom Launchpad script is available for download here.

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22 comments on “Creating a Custom Launchpad Controller Page for FL Studio 11
  1. Jacku says:

    Great tutorial! Is it also possible to receive note values into launchpad leds? For example, what happens if I send C#4 ‘note on’ value from FL studio? Is your FPC pad#1 will light up?

    • ayjent says:

      Good question. I don’t think the scripts by themselves will light up with output from a note, but it may be possible with some creative MIDI out mapping, because it is something that you can do in Ableton with a dummy channel. The custom script I show in the post changes color on button press. But I think it would be nice to have those notes on the launchpad light up like they do on the FPC, especially when you are overdubbing a beat on loop. I’ll tinker with the MIDI out channel to see if I can get it to light up the launchpad.

    • ayjent says:

      I tried out some things with the MIDI Out feature of FL Studio 11 – to route signals out to the Launchpad, but the result of sending the signal to the Launchpad was that it lights up buttons all over the Launchpad depending on the note and doesn’t confine the notes to the FPC Buttons. It appears the signal is routed out to the default Note Map of the Launchpad rather than the script currently running. However, I’m not anything close to an expert on the MIDI Out feature of FL Studio. I’ll keep trying.

  2. […] right on the same interface without putting your hands on a mouse or computer keyboard – see this tutorial on setting up a custom Launchpad configuration (there is a download of the script demonstrated in […]

  3. Jacku says:

    Thanks for this test. Looks like the Launchpad is still unable to communicate with FL properly. I think it may be possible to translate all commands through Bome Midi Translator or Midifish but this operation needs one script for every button… However it may be worth trying. Could you test this method on first FPC button? I don’t have a Launchpad but this method works with any midi controller. The question is how does it work with .scr script in between.

    • ayjent says:

      I’m not sure I follow, but I think you are asking me to try Bome or Midifish to see if I can get the MIDI Output to light up the FPC button (or at least one of them before trying to do them I all). I haven’t used either one of those programs, but I can look into it.

  4. Bo Jackson says:

    mr freakazoid: If you haven’t already checked it out I think you will find Bome’s midi translator classic quite useful and entertaining for a tinkering type such as yourself.

    The basic jist is, it takes the midi in, and converts it to any midi message you want, or you can convert it to a keystroke(s) and map it to a program. (or both). Echo original message +others etc. Custom chords / keyboard layouts, etc are the basic benefits.

    The main benefits being that you can use midi to control functions of a DAW such as FL that are not natively midi programmable. Like… copy n paste for example. Combine this with a keyboard macroing program and u can do basically anything with a midi controller. I got bored and wrote a script that downloads and runs antivirus programs triggered by a novation launchpad key 😛

    Have fun.

  5. aranże says:

    how to download a midi file from mail to documents?

    • ayjent says:

      Could you clarify? Because I don’t believe there are any Midi files associated with this tutorial and the file package.

      If you are referring to how do you get the script to work – Locate this file path from the main program folder – …\FL Studio 11\System\Hardware specific\Novation Launchpad\. Take the file you downloaded and rename it as Page#.scr (where the # represents a number). For example, you could rename the file Page12.scr and move it to the folder …\FL Studio 11\System\Hardware specific\Novation Launchpad\ . Since everyone could have a different amount of script files, I don’t number them, because it could overwrite ones they have already and the numbering determines the order they show up when you cycle through them.

      Would you find a video helpful for this? If so I can make one.

  6. Juner Eclipse says:

    Hey man, the picture file for the commands isn’t big enough, I don’t know what it says. Help.

    • ayjent says:

      It used to link to a bigger image, not quite sure what happened. In any event, you can download the word document or view the document through the link at the end of the post. It has the table in it.

  7. nilchian1987 says:

    When I try to open the SCR file, it says it can’t because I’m on a 32 bit version of windows….what the fuck? It says “Page1.scr is not a valid Win32 Application”…..god dammit, it’s never easy to set up midi controllers to do what you want, EVER! lol

  8. igneousflame says:

    This is great, many thanks !

  9. hey man i like the fact that you did a tutorial about this but my brain just blew up…
    if you have time could you actually write a script for me:
    main ideas:
    -Fpc in bottom right corner covering four by four
    – piano roll up top which can control two different plugins so ( instrument one takes up entire 1st and 2nd lines… thereafter instrument 2 takes up 3rd and 4th lines
    and after that u can just add some buttons that u find useful.

    much thanx
    Lorenzo Gollia

    • ayjent says:

      I’ve been very busy with studio work and haven’t been posting any tutorials for a while. I get what you are suggesting, but it may take a while before I have a chance to get to designing any new setups and back into the coding mind-set, and would likely require setting up different MIDI channels and a template FL Studio file since you want to control three different plug-ins at the same time. I’m not sure it is possible. I’ll take a look at it and let you know.

  10. Oss Mulder says:

    How do you toggle the light in scripts? and what format are the .scr (the 6 values numbers)files inside FL studio?

  11. Will says:

    Thanks for this! Probably the most informative tutorial on how to write your own scripts for the LaunchPad Pro in FLS that I have found so far!

    One thing, though, and I realize there is likely a simple answer to this question which I cannot figure out for the life of me, but: how do I access one of my SCR files on my LaunchPad Pro in FLS?

    It would seem it would be the left and right arrow buttons on the top of the LaunchPad scroll through them … but my SCR does not show up … .

    • ayjent says:

      I believe that the list of scripts has to be numbered sequentially following Page in the file name (e.g., Page1.scr, Page2.scr). Meaning you can get rid of the defaults or rearrange and edit the number of scripts you can flip through. I put the defaults in a Default Script folder.

      • Will says:

        Thanks for replying so quickly. As it turned out, as is often the case, I worked out how to access the scripts right after I posted this question. It was, indeed, by using the left/right arrow buttons on the LaunchPad itself.

        You wouldn’t happen, per chance, to know how to script in feedback for the pads I have pressed, would you?

        Most of all, I would really love to have the pads alternate between two different colors when I press them – one color for on and one color for off.

        If nothing else, I would like for the pads to at least flash when I use them to turn something on.

        As it is, I am stuck scripting the third parameter (as you’ve listed them above) in Note mode, even though I am actually using the script to turn channels on the Channel Rack off and on.
        For some reason I cannot fathom, when I tried using the Absolute Controller mode, every pad lit up yellow … with no color variation at all.

        I open to any/all suggestions you might have!


      • ayjent says:

        I haven’t programmed a script in a while. I’ll tinker around with it to see if I can do what you are asking, but if you figure it out in the meantime, please feel free to post a comment and I can add it to the post.

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