Massive Tutorial – Creating a Preset Using the Stepper to Control LFO Rate

There are a lot of videos on how to create sounds in Massive, but one technique that I have not come across is how you can use the Stepper to control the LFO rate in the assignable envelopes.  Also, not many tutorials or commercial presets utilize the Macro controls that are one of the coolest features of the program.  I like the Macros to have a really distinct audible effect on the sound coming out of Massive.  The presets that come with Massive do a decent job of utilizing the Macros, but I have found that most commercial presets are completely lacking in their use of the Macros.

The following video shows a preset I made using the technique to control the Comb Filter parameters (pay attention to what is happening starting around the 5:30 mark in the video), but you can do much more with this technique, especially if you apply the Stepper controlled LFO to the Amp of one or more of the OSCs.

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