Gross Beat VST in Ableton with Novation Launchpad

I had a tough time getting this straight since Gross Beat is the first plug-in that I tried the Novation Automap software (version 4.6 for Windows) with in connection with the Launchpad, and if anyone has a better suggestion for doing this or how to improve it, please let me know.  The following tutorial will demonstrate how to utilize the Launchpad to trigger up to 32 Time Slots and 32 Volume Slots as well as the Hold button in Gross Beat within Ableton Live 8.

STEP 1 – Getting Novation Automap Software to Recognize Gross Beat within Ableton: We need to get to the Automap interface to allow us to edit the controls for Gross Beat.

To be able to get to where the Novation Automap Software actually creates an Automap for Gross Beat within Ableton takes some unintuitive manipulation with very little guidance or support from the Automap or Launchpad Manual.    What you must do is install the Automap software, selecting the “IL Gross Beat” software, and set your preferences within Ableton to recognize both the Launchpad and the Automap MIDI information.  Then you must restart Ableton, select the plug-in from the plug-in list (making sure you use the “Automap” version of the plug-in) and apply it to your desired channel.


Next, you have to go to the Automap Software and go to the “Mixer/Plug-in Mappings” tab in Automap and see if IL Gross Beat shows up as a map.  If it does select IL Gross Beat and then hit the “Edit Mappings” button at the bottom right.


If it does not display IL Gross Beat as an option (which it probably won’t), you need to hit the “Software Setup” tab and then select “Advanced” on the left column – then make sure the MIDI ports Out and In are designated as “Automap MIDI”, and select any MIDI Channel.


Now go back to the “Mixer/Plug-in Mappings” tab, IL Gross Beat should show up as a mapping along with others.  If it does not wait a minute and hit a different tab and come back to the “Mixer/Plug-in Mappings” tab – it will eventually show up (if it does not, make sure you have Ableton Live open with an instance of IL Gross Beat (Automap) loaded into a channel).  This is really finicky in my opinion and takes some manipulation and luck in your first go around.

STEP 2 – Editing the Mapping in Novation Automap Software

So if getting to this point wasn’t a pain in the ass enough, now we need to make the Launchpad, Automap, Ableton, and Gross Beat play nice to utilize it during performances in Ableton.  The Automap Interface should contain a button for each parameter, but only one “TmeSlt” and one “VolSlot”.

Yay!(sarcasm)  With automap in Ableton we can toggle between the 1st time slot and 36th time slot by hitting one button – not exactly useful if you want to select one of the other 34 time slots.  Same with the volume slots.   So with the Automap software we can assign the the 64 buttons on the launchpad to control the selection of the time slots and the volume slots.  My preference is to assign the four left columns to the times slots and the four right columns to the volume slots (i.e., 32 time slots and 32 volume slots), and the first row play button as the hold button.


You’ll need to assign the parameter “TmeSlt” and “VolSlot” to numerous pads in the Automap interface to have the Gross Beat program work effectively with the Launchpad.  When you are done, it will look something like this:


You may do this however you wish – but use the values below corresponding to the desired slots you want map.  Here is a value chart for the different slots.


So the values for the setup shown above would be plotted to the Launchpad to look like this:


Also, I used the “Normal Mode” for each slot and assigned a value that was figured out using the formula and testing the behavior.  You may need to select a different mode and go back to “Normal” in order for the correct fields to show up (as shown below), because another wonky thing with the Automap program is that it will indicate a particular mode, but have the fields for a different mode.


Once you are done with mapping all of the parameters and values, test it out to make sure it is controlling Gross Beat as desired.

And if the tutorial doesn’t seem like something you want to deal with, here is the automap file that I created.

You can buy Gross Beat at the Image Line shop – present the code HDIBEGH491 and get 10% off (or follow this link to go directly to the Image Line shop with the code already applied).

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