Gross Beat VST in Ableton with MIDI Keyboard

STEP 1 – Determine Your Range of Available Keys on Your MIDI Keyboard: Depending on the size of your MIDI Keyboard, you can select a range of keys to select Gross Beat patterns.

Although a MIDI Keyboard is not the optimal Hardware interface for controlling Gross Beat, in my opinion, it can be used effectively to select patterns in Gross Beat VST.  For instance, you can take an Oxygen 8 that has 25 keys, and assign all of the keys to select patterns in Gross Beat, or select a range of  keys (e.g., 16 keys) to control Gross Beat.  However, the more keys, the more unmanageable it is to recall which key controls which pattern without using some physical marking on the MIDI Keyboard (e.g., tape, stickers, etc.).

This example shows an assigned range of consecutive notes that will correspond to the first 16 Time slots in Gross Beat (the number on each key corresponds to the same number on the Gross Beat GUI).


STEP 2 – Using Gross Beat in Ableton: Open up Ableton and select the “IL Gross Beat” VST plug-in and drag it into your desired Channel – the display should look like this (the wording “Empty” below the “Time Slot” slider will be whatever the first time slot is named in Gross Beat):


Turn on the MIDI Map Mode and click on the “Time slot” control.  Then hold down the key on your MIDI Keyboard corresponding to the lowest MIDI note value (in the example this would be key “0”), and keep holding while you press the pad corresponding to the highest MIDI note value (in my example this would be key “15”).


This will assign the note range of the Time Slots in Gross Beat, but in the “MIDI Mappings” window you first have to adjust the Max range value from 1.00 to 0.44 in order for it to correspond correctly to the 16 pads (i.e., 16/36 slots = 0.44).  If you are assigning more or less keys, then use this equation: # of keys assigned/36 = Max Range (e.g., 25 keys assigned/36 slots = 0.69 Max Range, 16 keys assigned/36 slots = 0.44 Max Range).


Note: if you want to control the “Volume slot” in Gross Beat you could simply MIDI Map the same way, or map the remaining unmapped range of keys on the MIDI Keyboard to select the volume slots.

You can buy Gross Beat at the Image Line shop – present the code HDIBEGH491 and get 10% off (or follow this link to go directly to the Image Line shop with the code already applied).

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